“If you understand, things are the way they are; if you do not understand, things are the way they are.”

— Zen Buddhist proverb

(Artist unknown.)

I, Myself:

Hopefully I can leave all this to posterity. Hell, maybe I’ll even die happily.

I don’t know. I just bide my time waiting on the end of everything. I also regularly attempt to out-sleep this apocalypse.

I’m a cognitive dissident: A wayfarer of the imagination. I’m an unconventional iconoclast, half-baked mystagogue, and catatonic amateur philosopher. I’ve got a heart on fire and a head screwed on backwards. I am an attempt at the everyman, philosophus and Fool, a lover of fate—though strung up by my fears—a boiler room hierophant, and “world on wheels”. I am an ever-transforming universalist seeking the interpenetration of the mundane and mystical. I try my hand at humility in the midst of self-promotion. I devote myself to the wind, neither coming nor going. That’s all there is at the end of the day.

What’s this all about, then? Hell if I know! We’re all born into a shining chaos, a wild and weird climb toward an impossible destination, at every turn another infinity, all fraught with calamity, absurdity, beauty, love, wisdom, pain, and bliss. Strange, strange, strange… and yet so much left to discover.

In my little slice of space and time I strive to be the ultimate eclectic—ambitious, though that may seem: I maintain a potential interest in everything, from soap dispensers to Scientology, straw wine to Wittgenstein. I believe in the primacy of contingency, and the virtues of self-appointed punditry, and so there will heretofore be little pattern or order. I jive with the ambiguous, unrelated and tangential. Granted, I have certain predilections.

I will keep moving, as it is.

… I entered the calamity Anno Domini 1991. Since then I have become a writer in various senses—a poet, editor (see The Drunken Llama), blogger, essayist, author of short stories, small-time journalist, and would-be novelist, as well as a freelancer-for-hire. While I maintain an endless variety of interests and enjoy writing at length about many topics, I am currently focusing most of my efforts on writing about religion (including mysticism and esotericism), spirituality, and philosophy; the arts (especially avant-garde and classical media); socio-political topics; and apocalyptic/environmental issues.

I am originally from Austin, Texas, and currently reside in the People’s Republic of Connecticut. (I tell people I’m a dislocated suburban cowboy.) We’ll see where life takes me from here.

I humbly deem myself one lackadaisical author, couch-ridden adventurer, and clownish seeker of spiritual experience, as well as an armchair revolutionary and otherwise a bullshit aficionado. (Poop-chute extraordinaire, Seinfeld devotee, and so on.)

… So, as it stands, I have no good sense of a pen name (my real name is Ryan, if you want to know), and hide behind a series of titles, the most recent of which is “Vincent St. Clare”… Anyway, I have credited, or continue to credit, myself with the following appellations and styles:

  • Ryan V. Stewart—Ryan Stewart, R. V. S., R. V. Stewart
  • Anāma—_a-n._ A.nāma “[m.] a’n” ([m.] anāma) 
  • Yūgen—Yugen, A. Yūgen, [A.] Yūgen
  • Empty Sky—E. S., 虚空, Koku
  • Vincent von Strauss—V. V. Strauss, V. v. Strauss
  • Vincent St. Percival—V. St. Percival
  • Vincent St. Clare—V. St. Clare

The Grand Tangent:

The Grand Tangent made its cyberspatial debut in 2014. It has since become a repository for my many impulsive writings, as well as a personal website where, as an admitted dilettante, I can catalogue my creative endeavors and miscellaneous doings. While, as the name suggests, this blog has no particular niche, I try to write a good deal on a few choice topics:

  • The “inner life”: ideology, metaphysics, mysticism, the occult, paradigm, philosophy, praxis, religion, transcendence, utopia, spirituality, and so on.
  • Aesthetics and the arts. Namely: film, literature and writing (whether novels, poetry, short stories, etc.), music, and visual arts.
  • Environmental issues: apocalypse, climate change, consumerism, ecology, overpopulation, and so on.

To some degree you could call The Grand Tangent a selfish endeavor. I like to talk about my persuasions, aspirations, interests, flotsam, jetsam, dirty laundry… Though I live to write of the world in all its grandeur and minutia, its splendor and ugliness and peculiarity. I aim to discover and expose our collective illumination—born of everything and nothing at once.

So get hellbent on variety. One thing, all things, weasel their way into each moment. Just know that they’re subtle, and funny, and fickle—the idiosyncrasies of the universe. In any case, words, ironically, admittedly, fall short of reality. Nonetheless, I will do my best to carve out another little niche in the cosmos and the course of human events.

“… again and again the Veil has fallen upon the Holy of Holies… The many change and pass; the one remains.”

Liber Porta Lucis sub figura X

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