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NOTICE: The other red-tinted “NOTICE” at the bottom of this page, before the copyright notice, explains my past and current use of various sobriquets.

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Short story collections:

  • “BUGS” AND A FEW OTHER STORIES (forthcoming)

Poetry collections and chapbooks:

  • Self-published.
  • e-Book / [e-]Chapbook. (2016.) {WEB}
  • Initially published under “Vincent von Strauss”. (“V.v. Strauss”.) Later credit changed to “Vincent St. Clare”. Some discrepancies in attribution may appear between the cover and/or front matter and content further within the work. 
  • Some work co-authored/collaborative: One poem—“With Mr. Jones (Collaborations—‘11)”—co-written with Matt Jones; one poem—“Two Corpses (Collaborations—‘11)”—co-written with Jasmine Dorfschmidt.
  • ISBN (ISBN-13) / UPC: 9781370515691 (via Smashwords). ASIN: B01M9HISXE (via Amazon). 
  • Available [in English] via Amazon,  Smashwords, and Smashwords affiliates:
  • NOTICE: This work appears best as an EPUB or PDF file on a standard resolution computer monitor. Other displays (smartphone, tablet, etc.) may cause the e-book to appear disjointed. I recommend Adobe Digital Editions for best viewing. There may be residual issues with format or viewing regardless.
  • NOTICE: The poem “A-Ω” may appear as “A-©” on certain devices.

Nonfiction (creative and general):

Articles and essays:

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Philosophical essays:

Short stories:



Individually-published poems:

NOTICE: These poems are those which have been individually published or posted, either on the Web or in print, whether self-published or in the form of accepted submissions. There may be some overlap between these poems and those listed under § “Other poems (included in authored collections)”, seen below, as they may have also, before or after independent publication, been included in one of my authored poetry collections. In other words, these are poems which have, at some point, been featured outside one of my authored poetry collections, e.g. in anthologies, on websites or online forums, or in other forms of print and digital media. Links to these works are provided when possible.

TL;DR: These poems have links—you can hyperlink to them from here and view them online, almost always for free.

Other poems (included in authored collections):

NOTICE: These poems are those which have been included in some collection of poetry I have authored or co-authored, featured either online and/or in print, whether self-published or published by an independent company or publisher, that have not been released to, or published by, independent parties or sources, and have not otherwise been posted or featured on some website. They DO NOT include the few works listed under the sections § “Juvenilia” and § “MISCELLANEOUS”, seen below—though there may be some overlap between these poems and those listed in those sections. There may also be some overlap between these poems and those listed under § “Individually-published poems”, seen above.

TL;DR: These poems have been featured in collections I have authored in some way. They can’t be linked to or viewed independently. If and when they are published elsewhere, independent of a larger of collection of poems, they will be removed from this list and reassigned to § “Individually-published poems”, above.

  • Featured in ‛Easy Noumenon: Early Poems:
    • « Easy Noumenon (II) »
    • « The French Experiment (Or, Finagling Sound) »
    • « Thank You Sam (After “Cascando”) »
    • « Two Corpses (Collaborations—‘11) »




  • I (very occasionally) do some minor copyediting and content curation work, and provide other writing services, especially via my ElanceUpwork profile.
  • I have also done some local press release writing.
  • I am/was the chief blog/online editor for, as well as a staff writer at, The Foothills Reporter.
  • I have written both community and premium (intern/writer) petitions at ForceChange.
  • Lastly, I am the chief editor and co-founder of The Drunken Llama, an online visual and literary publication:

» Check out The Drunken Llama:

The Drunken Llama!

» Check out the LOGOS! podcast on Soundcloud and the video series version on YouTube:


NOTICE: In the § “NOTES” section below, bolded and italicized elements are either (1) full works (i.e. not individual poems, essays, or short stories, which are indicated with normal text enclosed in quotation marks) or (2) anthologies, publications or periodicals (online or in print) in which individual works (poems, essays, short stories, etc.) have appeared. Italicized elements are writing-hosting websites or platforms, not professional or established anthologies, publications, or periodicals. Purple elements represent dead links, defunct sites (whether permanently defunct or defunct until further notice), removed webpages (whether permanently removed or removed until further notice), or discontinued publications or periodicals. See the section § “NOTES” below.


NOTICE: Here’s a sort of exhaustive list of aliases, or an explanation of them, in order to make sense of the proper attributions for past and future works of mine. So, either skip over these three paragraphs—including that one big-ass one immediately below ↓—or bear with me:

The names “Ryan Stewart”, “Ryan V. Stewart”, “Ryan Vincent Stewart”, “R.V. Stewart”, “Vincent von Strauss”, “V.v. Strauss” (also “V.V. Strauss”), “Yugen” (also “Anama Yugen”—“Anama” sometimes stylized as “Anāma”, and “Yugen” sometimes stylized as “Yūgen”—“A. Yugen”, or “[A.] Yugen”), and “V. St. Percival” (also “Vincent St. Percival”) may appear (1) below, on this page, (2) on other pages on this site, or (3) on other webpages; in all cases these are names for me, the author. Aside from “Ryan [Vincent] Stewart”, my actual, honest-to-God name (which, without the “Vincent” or “V.”, apparently happens to be that of a number of athletes—and note here that I am not qualified to even touch a basketball with a thirty foot pole), these are all pseudonyms—pen names, noms de plume, or whatever you want to call them—which I may have written under at one point or another; otherwise, I may have used these names when posting content on the Web, or for correspondence.

My predominant pen name since late 2016 has been “Vincent St. Clare” (also “V. St. Clare”) and, more so occasionally, “Empty Sky”. The latter name I’ve sometimes abbreviated as “E.S.”; I’ve also listed it as “Koku” (sometimes stylized as “Kokū”), and the original, Japanese transcription of the word, “虚空”.

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