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  • EASY NOUMENON: EARLY POEMS (2016) 20 ($0.99Smashwords | Amazon)


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      • Initially published under “Vincent von Strauss”. (“V. v. Strauss”.)
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Entries and reblogs (approx. 56) on my former (now defunct) blog[s], Not I: Meditations on the Strange Side of Life, can be found at either the Blogger / Blogspot version of that site, or the Tumblr version. (N. S. F. W.)


  • I (very occasionally) do some minor copyediting and content curation work, and provide other writing services, especially via my ElanceUpwork profile.
  • I have also done some local press release writing.
  • I am/was the chief blog/online editor for, as well as a staff writer at, The Foothills Reporter.
  • I have written both community and premium (intern/writer) petitions at ForceChange.
  • Lastly, I am the chief editor and co-founder of The Drunken Llama, an online visual and literary publication:

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