Self-Published Books


  • e-Book / [e-]Chapbook. (2016.) {WEB}
  • Initially published under Vincent von Strauss. (V.v. Strauss.) Later credit changed to Vincent St. Clare. Some discrepancies in attribution may appear between the cover and/or front matter and content further within the work. 
  • Some work co-authored/collaborative: One poem—“With Mr. Jones (Collaborations—‘11)”—co-written with Matt Jones; one poem—“Two Corpses (Collaborations—‘11)”—co-written with Jasmine Dorfschmidt.
  • ISBN (ISBN-13) / UPC: 9781370515691 (via Smashwords). ASIN: B01M9HISXE (via Amazon). 
  • Available [in English] via Amazon,  Smashwords, and Smashwords affiliates:
  • NOTICE: This work appears best as an EPUB or PDF file on a standard resolution computer monitor. Other displays (smartphone, tablet, etc.) may cause the e-book to appear disjointed. I recommend Adobe Digital Editions for best viewing. There may be residual issues with format or viewing regardless.
  • NOTICE: The poem “A-Ω” may appear as “A-©” on certain devices.


  • “BUGS” AND A FEW OTHER STORIES (forthcoming)


  • 12016 online publication: e-Book / chapbook via Smashwords (and affiliates); distributed from Amazon via Kindle Store. (ISBN: 9781370515691; ASIN: B01M9HISXE (Amazon Digital Services LLC).) (Credited as Vincent St. Clare.) {WEB—self-published}
    • Contains the following poems (18): “Chenrezig”, “Hymn for Zarathustra”, “A—Ω”, “Drug”, “Night over Lower Manhattan”, “Moment and Memory”, “Easy Noumenon”, “Revelations[?]”, “Cousin Richard”, “Job and the German mystic…”, “Life in the Raw”, “The Stock Exchange at the End of the Universe”, “goose step”, “Thank You Sam (After “Cascando”)”, “The French Experiment (Or, Finagling Sound)”, “Easy Noumenon (II)”, “With Mr. Jones (Collaborations—‘11)”, “Two Corpses (Collaborations—‘11)”.


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